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SINOMA successfully completes the research and industrial acceptance of “wind power bearing used silicon nitride ceramic bearing balls”

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The Beijing major technological achievement transformation project “research and industrial development of wind power bearing used silicon nitride ceramic bearing ball” undertaken by SINOMA Synthetic Crystals Co., Ltd. completed acceptance successfully in recent. Over the past three years since the implementation of the project, significant results have been made:

First, have made breakthrough in key technologies like nanometer modification of silicon nitride powder, “self-wrapping” hot isostatic pressing sintering, low stress flexible precision finishing and large-size silicon nitride ceramic bearing ball nondestructive testing control, overcome the shortcoming of high cost for traditional “glass wrapping” HIP sintering after molding. Second, have broken the status quo of poor processing precision and consistence of large-size silicon nitride ceramic bearing in China and long-term dependence on foreign enterprises and improved the processing accuracy of Ø40mm or higher specifications of ceramic balls to level G28, much higher than the domestic G60 processing level and reached the world advanced level. Third, the first massive silicon nitride ceramic ball production line with an annual output of 80,000 (Ø30mm or above) was built in China, realizing high-compactness, high-stability, high-reliability and high-consistence production. Fourth, have realized visualization of ceramic sintering and accurate positioning and qualitative analysis of internal defects, and established a wind power bearing used silicon nitride bearing ball quality assessment system. Fifth, applied for three patents, formulated two enterprise standards, and cultivated and introduced 20 technology and management talents.

According to the fact that the installed capacity of wind power generators increases by 1 time every year and high-power grid-connected wind turbines have been put in successively in China, the market demand for wind power silicon nitride bearing balls at home and abroad is expected to exceed 2 million and the market capacity will exceed RMB 1 billion per year.

The successful implementation of the project breaks the international technology blockade and monopoly on one hand and has the product price reduce by nearly 50%, and accelerates the localization process of key components of high-power grid-connected wind power generators.


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