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Opinions of the State Council on Further Expanding and Upgrading of Information Consumption for Sustainable Exploitation of Domestic Demand

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The provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central People's Government, the State Council ministries and commissions, the institutions directly under:

In recent years, with the deep integration of Internet technology and economic society, the rapid development of information consumption in China is from the online to speed up the integration of online and offline new forms of change, the network speed down the cost of further advance, the growing consumer, Gradual expansion, rapid adjustment of the model, driven by rapid growth in other areas of consumption, has become the most active innovation, the most rapid growth, the most extensive radiation in one of the economic areas, to stimulate domestic demand, promote employment and lead the industry to play an important role in upgrading. But at the same time, China's effective supply of information consumption is still insufficient innovation, domestic demand has not yet fully released, the consumer environment needs to be optimized. To further expand and upgrade information consumption, the continued release of dynamic development and domestic demand potential, the following views are made.

First, the overall requirements

(A) guiding ideology.

Fully implement the spirit of the Sixth Party Congress and the Eighth Central Committee, the Fourth, the Fifth, the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eighth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, thoroughly implement the new spirit of the new series of ideas of the general secretary of Xi Jinping, and earnestly implement the Party Central Committee, The State Council decision-making arrangements, and promote the "five in one" overall layout and coordination to promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, insist on steady progress in the overall tone, firmly establish and implement innovation, coordination, green, open, shared development concept , To promote the supply side of the structural reform as the main line, optimize the information consumption environment, and further increase the speed of the network to speed up efforts to accelerate the market vitality, and actively expand the information consumption of new products, new formats, new models, expand information consumption coverage, Improve the supervision, improve the network security system, build information consumption upgrade version, and constantly release the people's growing consumer demand, promote sustained and healthy economic and social development.

(B) the basic principles.

Adhere to innovation drive. To promote the integration of information consumption and public entrepreneurship, "Internet +" deep integration, to encourage core technology research and development and service model innovation, to promote a new generation of information technology to the wide penetration of consumer areas, to create more effective supply of consumer upgrades, driven multi- Personalized information consumption development.

Adhere to demand pull. To meet the people's expectations and economic and social development needs as the starting point and the foothold, to speed up the expansion and upgrading of information consumption, and promote information products supply structure and demand structure effective match, consumer upgrades and effective investment benign interaction, with safe, convenient and rich information Consumption to help the economy to upgrade and improve people's livelihood.

Adhere to collaborative linkage. To enterprises as the main body, to promote the coordinated development of information consumption industry chain, strengthen the network, platform, payment, logistics and other support capacity building, build a sound information consumption ecological system. To promote the development and security, and continuously optimize the credit security, market environment and the protection of rights and interests, to create a "consumer, dare to consume, willing to consume" environment, the formation of government, business, consumer coordination and good development pattern.

(Iii) development goals.

By 2020, the scale of information consumption is expected to reach 6 trillion yuan, an average annual growth of more than 11%; information technology in the consumer sector significantly enhance the leading role in the depth of information products to expand the border, information services significantly improved, 15 trillion yuan, the information consumption to benefit the broad masses of the people. Information infrastructure to achieve world-leading level, "broadband China" strategic objectives to achieve a comprehensive, high-speed, mobile, safe, ubiquitous new generation of information infrastructure, network speed to achieve significant results. Based on the rapid growth of the new consumption of the network platform, online and offline interaction between the consumption of new ecological development and growth. Public data resources open and shared system is basically established, for enterprises and citizens of the integrated public service system is basically completed. Cyberspace law and regulations system is maturing, efficient and convenient, safe and credible, fair and orderly information consumption environment is basically formed.

(Iv) key areas.

Life class information consumption. Innovation and development to meet the needs of the people of all kinds of convenience Huimin service new format, focusing on the development of community-oriented online and offline integration services for cultural and entertainment digital creative content and services for convenient travel travel services.

Public service information consumption. To promote efficient and equal online public services, focusing on the development of home care for the wisdom of health services, for the convenience of medical treatment of online medical services, learning and training for online education services for the convenience of enterprises and the convenience of "Internet + government services."

Industry information consumption. Fostering the emerging information technology services to support the information industry, focusing on the development of e-commerce platform services for the vertical field, network payment for the whole process of information consumption, modern logistics, supply chain management and other support services for information technology applications integrated system integration services The

New information products consumption. Upgrade the intelligent, high-end, integration of information products, focusing on the development of consumer upgrades for high-end mobile communications terminals, wearable equipment, digital home products and other new information products, as well as virtual reality, enhance the reality, intelligent network car, intelligent service Robots and other cutting-edge information products.

Second, improve the level of information consumption supply

(5) to promote digital home products. Encourage enterprises to develop intelligent home "product + service" model for customized application scenarios, promote new digital home products such as smart TV, intelligent audio and intelligent security, and actively promote common product technical standards and application specifications. Strengthen the "Internet +" artificial intelligence core technology and platform development, promote virtual reality, enhance the reality of product development and industrialization, support wearable equipment, consumer unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent service robots and other product innovation and industrial upgrading. Relying on consumer goods industry, "Mishina" special action to promote information products related enterprises striving for "China Quality Award."

(6) to expand the application of electronic products. Support the use of Internet of things, large data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies to promote all kinds of applications of electronic products intelligent upgrade, in the transportation, energy, municipal, environmental protection and other fields to carry out new application demonstration. To promote the intelligent network of automotive and intelligent traffic demonstration area construction, the development of auxiliary driving system, such as car networking equipment. Promote the regional experimental project of agricultural networking, promote the integration of information technology and agricultural production and management, market circulation, resource and environmental protection.

(7) to enhance the ability of information technology services. Support large enterprises to establish Internet-based "double" platform for the whole society to provide specialized information services. Play the role of small and medium enterprises public service platform, and guide small and medium enterprises entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base platform, ecological development. Encourage information technology services enterprises to actively develop location services, social networking and other new support services and intelligent applications. Support local joint cloud computing, large data backbone enterprises for local information technology services enterprises to provide consulting, research and development, training and other technical support to promote the "Internet +" environment integrated service capabilities. Encourage the use of open source code to develop personalized software, based on the block chain, artificial intelligence and other new technology pilot applications.


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Opinions of the State Council on Further Expanding and Upgrading of Information Consumption for Sustainable Exploitation of Domestic Demand
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