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The company has inherited the research results and superior resources of the original Shandong Industrial Ceramics Research and Design Institute and the Advanced Ceramics Division of a Beijing Institute for many years. It has won more than ten awards including the Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Building Materials Federation, and has applied for and authorized 32 invention patents. , 1 US invention patent.

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Ball

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Roller

Full-ceramic Silicon Nitride Bearings

High-temperature Bearing

Alumina ceramic balls

Zirconia ceramic ball

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Insulating Ring

Silicon Nitride Insulating Ring

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Insulation Tube

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Sleeve

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Valve Seat

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Boiler Sheet

Silicon nitride substrate

Silicon nitride ceramic seal ring

Precision Machining

Ceramic material performance table

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